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VP Removals is independent removals company operating in Dulwich.

Welcome to VP Removals Dulwich

VP removals is professional removal company having its main office located in South London and serving mainly Dulwich area. We perform all kinds of removal tasks including commercial and household removals. We take pride in our professionalism and customer care. We have the ability to fulfil the all the needs of our customer as far as removal is concerned.
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We are a very reliable and cost effective solution for your home removal in Dulwich.

Removal Company in Dulwich

We are one of the most reliable removal companies in Dulwich. We take pride in stating the fact that most of our business is generated through word-of-mouth and repeat customers. This is a testimony to the highest quality standards followed by our company. As one of the most professional Dulwich home moving company, we take pride in the fact that we are trusted by hundreds of loyal customers. They rely on us because the standards followed by us in handling their home or office removals are unparalleled in the industry. The care with which we handle the stuff of our customers has earned us hundreds us happy customers. Our moving house crew is fully trained on how to deal with different contingencies and problems should they arise during the move.

Home Movers You Can Trust

The principle that guides all our operations is customer satisfaction. For us, everything starts and ends with customers. When it comes to customer, our goal is to provide cheap yet quality service to all residents of Dulwich whether they are household or businesses. Furthermore, we have ensured that the team that is assigned for your tasks is highly professional. They are fully trained and equipped with skills they need to carefully handle your stuff. We aim to have a staff that can solve your problems instead of creating more problems for you. Whether it is home or office relocation, we aim to maintain highest quality standards.

Domestic and Commercial Removals

We specialize in both domestic and business removals in Dulwich area. We aim to do this while maintaining highest standards of quality and safety with lowest possible price. Our other services include movement of single large items from one place to another, provision of packing material including help with packing and unpacking and furniture clearance. We work relentlessly to ensure that no customer has to face any sort of delays. We work all 7 days of the week. We can also make an exception to work in the evening or night in case our customer demands that. You can rest assured that we will handle your stuff with utmost care. To put your worries to rest, we insure your stuff. If you need removals company in Dulwich, East Dulwich and South London give us a call on 0208 640 7177. We will provide you with free quote with no strings attached.

We always provide the best home or office moving service for every customer in Dulwich.

Domestic Removals

We provide high quality domestic removal service. We are fully aware of the process that is involved in the domestic removals and we are aware of all the problems and challenges that can be encountered during the move. This is made possible with the help experience that we have acquired over the years. We recognize that the most important task during the move is to have the expertise and choose the best packing material. During a move, we ensure that both these requirements are fulfilled to the satisfaction of our customers.

Competitive Pricing

When it comes to pricing, we have set very fair prices for our customers since our goal is not swindle our customers but to make reasonable profit while maintaining long-term relationship with our customers. You won’t find a better price for home removal in Dulwich.

Uniformed Staff

It is mandatory for our staff to wear proper uniform to give off a professional look and to give our customers the satisfaction that they are dealing with a professional staff that is responsible for its dealings with customer to its employers.

Fully Insured

You don’t have to worry about your stuff being damaged as it is fully insured. We take this step to ensure that our customers have peace of mind and can focus on other more important things while leaving the removal tasks to us.

Hourly Man & Van

You can rent us for a fixed per hour price.

Business Removals

In addition to domestic removals, we also deal with business removals. We recognize that business removals entail different requirements in terms handling and timing of move. We plan the moving for your business keeping in mind the requirements of your business.

Packing Materials

Since we deal with every aspect of moving, you can choose to only acquire packing material from us if you don’t wish to have the done packing done by us.


We know the importance of your time for you. We would rather be 10 minutes earlier than 1 minute late. We know that if we are late, it can be inconvenient for our busy customers.

Large Geographic Reach

Although we are located in south London, we serve all locations in the city, but majority of our customers come from Dulwich area. In addition to the city of London, we also provide moving services to other cities, even countries. In the past, we have helped our clients move to locations as far as Cologne and Paris. The fact that our customers chose us for such distant cities is testimony to our professionalism.

Satisfaction Ensured

We can guarantee that working with us, you will be able to have the smoothest ride you ever had. We will ensure that you have satisfaction from all aspects be it staff attitude, packing, unpacking, choice of vehicle or price.

Call us on 0208 640 7177 - 074 27 27 1980 Vitec - 077 31 572 593 - Peter

We cover all Dulwich (e.g. East Dulwich) and surrounding areas.

Domestic and business removal

We offer service not only for domestic removals but all for business removals. We realize that needs of our customers can vary in both situations. So, we have evolved different procedures to handle different situations successfully.

Free quotation
You can give us a call on our number to get free quotation and consultation. We will guide you without reservations while putting your concerns at the forefront. You won’t feel any pressure to use our services. We take pride on our customer service and nothing is far from disservice then to guide the customer in wrong direction.

Large single item transport
We not only deal with removals but also with moving large single items . We realize that any task, large or small, is important as long as customer satisfaction is involved.

Collection and delivery
We also provide the service of collection and delivery services. You can just give us a call and we will collect and deliver any item as per your requirements.

Packing material
In addition to assisting in moving, we also provide packing materials. You can only acquire packing materials from us to do the packing yourself, or acquire our assistance in both moving and packing.

Professional packing and unpacking services
If you prefer to move the stuff yourself, but would need assistance in packing and unpacking, we are here to help you. We will use high quality packing material to pack your stuff and unpack it at destination with utmost care.

Different pricing options
Since customer convenience is our desired goal, we offer different pricing options to our customers. You can choose to pay us a fixed price for the whole procedure or hourly rates.

Free consultation
If you plan on moving and don’t know the steps involved, or are facing any other problem related to moving, you can contact us for free advice.

Online help
If you don’t feel like calling us or giving us a visit, you can simply visit our website to get any help you might need.

Highly professional staff
We have highly skilled and professional staff. Our staff is not only equipped with requisite skills but also possess perfect human skills to deal with our customers.

Available throughout week
We realize that our customer can need us any day of the week. So, we provide service through the week.

Lowest prices
When it comes to prices, our prices are one of the lowest in the industry as far as other services with comparable quality are concerned.

Fully insured
You can rest assured that your stuff would be fully insured with us so don’t have to worry about any possible damage to your stuff.

Storage service
We also provide storage service where we can hold your stuff temporarily. It goes without saying that your stuff would be completely secure with us.

Well-maintained vehicles
The vehicles we have for moving your stuff are well-maintained and regularly cleaned so that your stuff is not dirtied or damaged.

Furniture clearance
We also provide the service for furniture clearance. We will professionally move your furniture to your new destination while observing highest standards of quality.

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